Abstract class that models a folder. Implementation provided by the providers.

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public abstract class Folder


This class is an abstract class with implementation furnished by the providers.

Folders can of various types. See FolderType for more details.

What a folder stands for may have totally different meanings when applied to different protocols and providers. An example would be: it refers to a "real" folder for an IMAP provider, while it may refer to a newsgroup for an NNTP provider.

It is also possible that folder may not physically exists. To know whether it actually exists, use Exists property. To create a folder, use Create member. However, actual creation will depend upon whether you have sufficient permissions to create a folder and/or such a method is applicable to the protocol.

While deleting a message in a folder, the message is not deleted until an explicit Expunge is called.

Important (for providers as well as users):

Folders are not to be cached by Store. Hence, retrieving folder should/will yield different object each time. Whereas, the messages (with their order defined) held within a folder should/do not change unless they are deleted by an explicit Expunge.


Namespace: CSMail Namespace

Assembly: CSMail.dll

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