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 Current Status Review  2002-10-30
  It's been over a month and a half since some news came from me.  Last time I wrote,  I was very glad to see "a few [MailTODO] tags".
  Today,  when I `grep NotImplementedException *.cs`,  I got 48 lines in CSMail and 9 in CSMail.Utils namespace.  So,  it looks like I may have a few more weeks  (or months!)  before I give out a working version of CSMail - at least without any [MailTODO] tags.

 Version 1.0 (Pre-Aplha) Released  2002-09-10
 Source code for version 1.0 pre-alpha was released today. The code may be downloaded here.
 The release notes are available here.

 Version 1.0  2002-09-06
 Wow!  I could not have imagined this.  I was planning to release version 1.0 (of code,  not API) by the end of next month,  but with the kind of progress I have made lately,  it looks like I should be through with it by this month itself.
Some of the things left are MimeXXXX classes, to provide Mime-layer implementation to the system.  Most of the other things look pretty complete within themselves,  except for a few "[MailTODO]" tags here and there.

 Docs update  2002-09-05
 If you get a 404 Not Found error on clicking a link, it is due a bug in NDoc that I used to generate the docs.  In that case, insert a "." (dot) between the classname and the method name.
 For example, in the class Session the GetInstance link gives a "404" error.  Just modify the URL to appear http://csmail.sourceforge.net/docs/CSMail.Session.GetInstance.html and you are through to view the documentation.

 Docs available  2002-09-05
 Partial documentation of the work done so far is now available.  Currently, it is available in two formats:
  • Online version.  Browse here.
  • Compiled CHM file.  Download from here.

 Details of work progress  
 In the previous few days, a lot of code has been commit-ed to the CVS.  The code includes fully implemented classes as well as dummy stubs.
 Browse the CVS online to have a look.

 License Change  2002-07-25
 License under which the API will be released has been changed from GNU-GPL to The MIT License.

 CVS Repository  2002-07-24
 Since the SF guys did not respond to my request of importing the CVS repository,  I checked in all the code that I have written till date (of course, the history is lost!)
 How to access the CVS anonymously?  Click here.

 CS Mail API (Version 1.0) Released  2002-06-26
 First vesion (not draft) of the API released.  I am happy to get response from great hackers around the globe.  The API (in XML format) may be downloaded here.
 Thanks for all your responses.

 Project Spawned at SF  2002-06-18
 Thanks to the SF team for hosting the project.

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